Modern marketing comes with an astonishing number of bells and whistles. Given that marketing for cannabis and hemp companies is, shall we say, somewhat limited in terms of where and how you can advertise, it’s critical that all the little things you can do are done with excellence. While some parts of a marketing plan such as maintaining a website, being active on social media, and developing a newsletter are no-brainers, other important tactics tend to fall by the wayside — most notably among them, blogging. While blogging is important for all businesses, it’s crucial for cannabis businesses. Here are three reasons you need to have a regular content plan for your cannabis or hemp business’ blog.

Customers Want Education & Trust

For most intents and purposes, cannabis is a new industry. As legalization rolls across the country, more and more consumers are exposed to the idea of cannabis, but for many, the stigma and demonization that cannabis has endured for the last century still lingers. This means that there’s an even higher barrier to entry for most customers than in most other new industries. Blog posts are a great way to break down barriers, combat the stigma, and to answer a new customer’s questions about this amazing plant.

Before a customer comes in, they’re likely to explore your site, and if they’re new to the cannabis world, they’ll probably want to read about what to expect inside the store as well as what to expect from the product. Your company’s blog is a great place to introduce yourself to your potential customers and to continue to educate returning clients. All of this works together to build trust in both the product and in your brand.

Shine a Spotlight on Community Outreach

Working hand in hand with education, your blog is a great way to showcase what your company is doing in the community. Many cannabis companies are deeply rooted in communities and are actively working to support them. Whether it’s a one for one program, a food drive, or a donation, your blog is a chance to tell the world how your store or brand has been making the world a better place. In addition to letting your customers know how you’re lending a helping hand, news like this encourages your customers to feel good about supporting your business and helps to further break down the social stigma around cannabis.

Blogs Help You Get Found

In addition to educating your customers and shining a spotlight on your business, blogs are a great way to help potential customers find your business. When you add a page to your blog, you’re adding an indexable page to your site, which makes it more appealing to search engines. A regularly published blog content calendar is an excellent tool in your search engine optimization (SEO) toolbox. Whenever you set out to create a new blog a helpful exercise might be to consider what topic you’d like to focus on so that potential customers can find you. Do you want to focus on budtenders and customer care? Write a post about that. Interested in bringing in an older crowd with more disposable income? Create a blog post that focuses on CBD topicals and sleep aids. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to using blogs to help build your brand.

A Word to the Wise

Always make sure to check state marketing and advertising regulations before you dive into a topic. Different states have different restrictions and requirements surrounding what can and cannot be claimed about cannabis. Making sure you’re following all of the rules in your particular jurisdiction is an essential part of growing your cannabis business.

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