It’s a brave new cannabis world, and while many advertising and marketing standbys still hold true, when you’re diving into a new market there are a few key elements you need to consider. Here are three things to keep in mind, especially if you want to expand into other states one day.

Your Logo is Everything

As iconic as a cannabis leaf may be, you might want to consider keeping your logo leaf free. Many states don’t allow cannabis leaves in advertising and marketing and those that do have the right to change their mind at any moment (and some have!), so you’d be wise to create a logo that steers away from the plant and toward what makes your brand unique.

Sorry, Kermit. Maybe Don’t Go Green

A huge percentage of brands and stores are using many shades of green. We get it. We’re all about the green too. However, when you’re picking out your logo, it might be better if you lean into colors that resonate and say something creative about your brand rather than going with the same color as everyone else.

Set Yourself Up for Success on Social

Today, social media is key to marketing efforts in any industry. Unfortunately, cannabis on social can be tricky. One day an account is here, the next day it’s gone. Don’t just set up one account for your brand, set up one or two backups as well just in case you miss a tiny detail and wake up one day to a deleted account.

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