Budtender Nation: Welcome to the Nation

Budtender Nation is a community for the budtender – for, by, with and about Budtenders. The larger cannabis community often focuses on the retail or the brand experience, but most often forgets the gatekeeper: the budtender. Building an international community of budtenders is our core focus – delivering information that can be used in daily life, showcasing the daily life of budtenders.

If your brand is at a dispensary or retail store (or you want to be) and you aren’t addressing budtenders, you need to be. It’s not just about swag, it’s about relationships, honest information and respecting the position. Most retail jobs require limited experience or knowledge – budtending is a unique job where the employee is expected to be an expert across brands, types, ingestion methods, expected results and also, in most cases, clean the bathroom.

We’re building a unique community with budtenders, let us know if you’d like to get involved.

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