Cannabis advertising is hard. From coming up with compelling creative to navigating the maze of each state’s continually shifting rules and regulations to attempting to stay within budget, it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel altogether.

Fortunately, we’ve been doing this a long time and have a few tips and tricks that can help you tackle your traditional advertising woes head-on. Here are a few ways to make the most of your cannabis and CBD advertising campaigns.

Everyone Wants to be in Movies

In-theater advertising is available to CBD and cannabis brands though, yes, state restrictions do apply. However, our team has spent $100MM+ in the cinema space over the years and knows how to navigate these choppy waters so we can help put your brand in front of your geographic target. The best thing about cinema is that it offers a variety of interesting solutions, including static ads and video; having these options is especially helpful when crafting campaigns that pass state-specific regulations.

Direct Traffic to Your Site

A well thought through SEO strategy is still key to getting your brand in front of customers. Our team has experience with top brands and startups including cannabis and CBD. We know how to keep costs down, build efficiencies, and drive your site traffic up. Options include mass reach or pinpointed targeting within 40 yards. And keep in mind, most cannabis traffic is mobile, so make sure to use this knowledge to your benefit when choosing what type of campaign is best for your company.

Old School Media Still Works

Billboards are the most well-known option for cannabis – but there are tricks to the trade. Don’t get stuck with a board that’s in the wrong position or has no chance of converting passersby into paying customers. Our team has stewarded campaigns across the US and Canada for cannabis, Starbucks, Samsung, and the neighborhood board around the corner. And, even better, we have first in line position for remnant inventory to help you save extra money on one-off opportunities.

These ideas might be right for you now, or they might be right for another day. Or perhaps they inspire you to do something cool on your own. We simply want to share what we think are great buys for brave brands trying to make a mark, because we believe in trailblazers. After all, we’re blazing trails ourselves. wink

Want to expand your marketing horizons? Give us a shout. We have some exciting opportunities coming soon including Comic-Con, OTT, and celebrity seeding. Contact us at to find out what might be right for your brand.