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Stop talking about features; the focus should be on benefits

How does your company benefit your potential customers and more importantly, their consumers?
We’ve seen a lot of companies in the cannabis space touting product features and focusing on their company profile. While that can be great for blogs and SEO, it’s not that effective for signing up new clients.

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Women of Cannabiz: WYD Agency

Amber Raspberry Mayo and Kari Brua are the founders of WYD Agency, a marketing accelerator for trailblazers. A play on (“What You Doing”) and an abbreviated acronym for “weed”, WYD provides a comprehensive marketing approach for cannabis companies.

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Social Media in the Cannabis Space: Why Brands Can’t Give Up

We’ve all seen more than our fair share of cannabis brands and store accounts get ignominiously pulled down for no apparent reason. This issue is rearing its ugly head up again these days with Facebook shadow banning and Instagram accounts disappearing. With all this drama, we hear a lot of people swear they are done with social media, that it’s not worth the trouble and they wonder what the point is.

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What Google’s Algorithm Update Means for Cannabis Businesses

Google updated their algorithm for search last month – this is standard operating procedure for them and they do it a few times a year. However, this one was a big one. While Google never gives away the secret sauce, this latest update may have bigger impacts on cannabis businesses than previous ones.

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