With the ever-changing rules and inconsistencies by the leading social media platforms, managing social media for a cannabis brand may seem like it’s not worth the trouble. But, there are a handful of important reasons to stick with it, keep social media in the marketing plan and stay where consumers are engaging and interacting.

  1. Control your message to consumers. In the world of cannabis, rumors run rampant about any topic. There are plenty of people posting about strains, brands, experiences and you don’t have time to be a passive participant. This is the time for you to control the message, the brand and to relay what is important to you and the benefits to your community.

  2. Build one-on-one relationships with consumers. Relationships matter and making sure your customers have a way to interact with you is critical. Consumers love when a brand acknowledges them on social media – it creates an emotional connection bringing them closer into your world.

  3. Turn brand fans into vocal advocates. Everyone wants to convert customers into fans. When you have a positive interaction with a customer, they become a fan. When they become a fan, they become your advocate. Brand advocates can even step in where you can’t, and that value is priceless. Companies build armies of fans and those fans become your advocate and your protector (see: Apple or Call of Duty). 

  4. Stay top of mind. If you own a store and a customer has two stores on the way home from work (your store and a competitor), that customer may be scrolling through Instagram at the end of the day and your competitor pops up. Guess where that customer is stopping on the way home? Being top of mind matters. Give customers a reason to come to your store or return to your brand.

  5. The tribe mentality motivates. People want to be part of something bigger, a movement or community of like-minded individuals. Build that and they will come.

This post was adapted from an editorial piece written by WYD’s Amber Mayo for Cannabis Business Executive.  Click here for the full article.